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Zuzana Schmarczová

I always liked nice things and I do not even remember when I was not a creative one. I have been working on making beautiful things from little things for nearly 20 years. The path to the hats led from a pile of beads, through the production of wire jewelry, the goldsmith’s school to the present great passion – to fascinators. Not by chance, these little jewels are called fascinators. Fascinating is not just the result itself, but primarily how a small work of art is born from the pile of various, sometimes disparate components.

I like things that have a soul, so I’m increasingly addressing objects that were made by human hands and they did not get out of the machine. I like to drink coffee with old porcelain, I like to listen to clock ticking and a look of crystal vase with a tulips satisfies me.

Fascinators charmed me for my femininity. In today’s, often unisex world, I find exceptionality. You want to stand out, be original and be yours. Do not worry about what others think about you, what matters is what you think of yourself.

Dive into my world with soul stuff, take your time and look at handmade hats for every occasion.

Welcome to our site and do not be afraid to fascinate the world.

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