How to benefit fascinator

1st principle:
Choose fascinator not only by the occasion but also by the season. Fasten fascinator material with clothing material. The same is true of color.

2nd principle:
The fascinator is worn on the side and in the forehead. If you have a hairstyle, place the cap directly on it. Fascinator with a nail is more complicated to fix into a short haircut or into loose hair. On the contrary, the Fascinator on the face can be worn for any hairstyle even if you have hair trimmed on a hedgehog. Always try the way to fasten the fascinator in advance. I’m trusted that in stress and in a hurry, you often prefer to give up this add-on rather than worrying about putting it on.

3rd principle:
If you are wearing fascinators of beginners, first choose less striking pieces. It is important that you feel good. This will give you confidence to continue wearing.

4th principle:
Design your own festive occasions when you wind up this magical piece of wardrobe.

5th principle:
The principle of proportionality. Fascinator with a huge pink flamingo you can take on a summer Sunday walk to the zoo, at Verdi’s Opera House in the National would look a bit inappropriate.

Know that no one will laugh, admire your style and your self-esteem.