How to care fascinator

Hats are fragile and not immortal. Keeping the following instructions will keep your hat as new for a long time.

1. Watch out for rain and snow
All fascinators are treated with impregnation, but anyway, it is important to realize that they are detrimental to the damp and irreparably damaging them. Their shape is fixed with starch, so there is water and the damp fascinator’s enemy.

2. Watch for dust
Maybe you like the hat so you’d like it somewhere exposed, but the dust is not in the hat, so store it in a closed box at the bottom of the cabinet

3. Beware of deformation
The fascinátor is a fragile thing and it is necessary to act on it and it returns us again to Council No. 2, if you do not have it, it belongs to a tight closed box that will perfectly protect it.

4. Watch out for chemistry
Apply the hair varnish and similar products before putting on the fascinator.